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Milestone Alpha 2 reached!

matthias - 19-12-2005 at 22:34

Dear Kristal Users,

we finally reached milestone "Alpha 2" on the road to Kristal 2.0. We've established the basic infrastructure for what is commonly known as MIDI Playback, Recording and Editing. Coming from an audio-only sequencer, it was completely new terrain to be discovered.

For us, Alpha 2 is the conclusion of the past development year. Personally, I'm quite satisfied with the progress we made, even though it takes much longer than expected. However, it makes sense to invest more time now and build a solid and reliable foundation instead of having lots of bugs and an unmaintainable product afterwards.

We will take some days off now for Christmas & hope to meet you all healthy back here in 2006!



qatcho - 19-12-2005 at 23:19

Thanks for the info, I?m very pleased there is progress in the Kristal 2.0 development. Merry christmas and happy holidays.

WickedWorld - 20-12-2005 at 01:18

Great News Matthias :D

Enjoy your time off !!

Merry Christmas, see ya in '06 ... WW :cool:

Doug W - 20-12-2005 at 05:54

Danke mucho compradre!

zOap - 28-1-2006 at 01:26

Thank you for developing such an intuitive software. I love it!

Just don't go into the traps of others, keep it small, leight, and free for bugs. This is the best thing that happened me today, discovering

Looking forward to trying the midi version k2

Keep up the good work:)