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Using Live IN

Griff5 - 5-12-2012 at 04:09

There isn't any posts that really show the usefullness of the Live IN. I use the Live In for recording and the waver for mixing. I have the Anarchy sound recorder plug in, tapeit 1, also works in Kristal. I set up vst chains for specific instruments or vocals, save as presets and recall them needed. I've found that setting up with a preamp,compressor, EQ and whatever modulation i need to shape my sound, helps me get better recordings. Alot of the time the feel I get from a sound influences my playing..I don't go crazy, just what I need to get a good, clean sound and recording. If I'm in the waver I prefer to assign the Live In to another input, play my tracks and record. great for looping drum tracks on the waver and recording instead of the metronome click.The Anarchy recorder lets me preview and then save. This keeps my project tracks in a 'recorded track' folder. I bring them back into Kristal when I'm ready to mix and the effect slots are free to be used. Food for thought, works well for me.

leeevvii9 - 5-12-2012 at 11:34

Howdy mate, welcome....... Just a qwik reply .......

Some say its useless, some love it, its an catch22, you can either play or record, not both unfortun8ly, but there are some work arounds to varying sucess.